Defining Health


Asking different people will get you different answers, based on their background or their knowledge level. However, the truth is, being healthy means a sum of three different things that are interconnected, or better said influence one another.

It may seem that doing this might be a real challenge, but after a time you will see that it gives a kind of addiction for everything that is good for you.

Living Healthy

This is the first thing that is important when talking about health. Living healthy means that you are conscious of the choices you make. It’s not about diets and exercises, but about how and what you think about health. This is a choice, not an obligation, but it must be a conscious one.

ww-with-vwhThoroughly thinking is required when one decides to live a healthy lifestyle, because thoughts are what influence us most. The same can be said about other people’s opinion, so one must have a strong mind and mental state in order to stay focused on his or her goal.

If you notice that there is something wrong with you – for example you’ve gained some weight and you don’t feel comfortable with yourself, then it’s time for action. Acknowledging it is the first step into the right direction. Start living your life taking the right decisions for you – good food, exercise and positive thinking are the key.


Eating Healthy

This notion can and will be paraphrased with different explanations, because people behave and think differently. If you ask an Asian person what healthy eating means, you will probably receive an answer that has the words ‘fish’ and ‘rice’ in it. If you ask a European person the same question, you will probably hear something like ‘vegetables’ combined with the word ‘maybe’. The answers can vary, based on different factors.

The truth is that a person needs to have equilibrium in the components of the meal one gets. We are not made to eat only meat, and neither are we made to eat just vegetables, so there must be a balance between these two.

wellnessThere are many specialists and nutritionists who have reached the same conclusion – our meals should have about 25% mean, and the rest of 75% can be made out of vegetables.

In addition, another thing to keep in mind is that many existing products on the market contain unwanted substances; you’ll find these substances in fast food, things that have too much sugar, bread that is enriched, fat and greasy food and so on.

Water should replace any other drink that we like to have. There was a commercial that said that if you give water to the plants, then you should not give a soda to your children. There is tremendous truth in this, as any soda can be harmful to a plant, and if this is the case, then it means that it is harmful for us too.

Physical Exercise

For a long and healthy life, you need to be, or become, active. Our bodies are made in such a way that they can resist to prolonged physical effort. In time, you will be fit and what you used to find hard, you’ll find it to be extremely easy in terms of difficulty.

There are plenty of good things that will happen to you, once you start a regular plan of exercising. Your overall health will be better, the level of fitness for your body will also increase and you’ll feel better about yourself – a higher self-esteem. The balance and posture will change for the better, and your energy level will increase, not to mention your mood that will change. You’ll be happier and positive about life!

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